• Business law and law of commercial corporations
  • Civil law
  • Realization of projects in the area of real estate and capital construction
  • Legal representation before courts and administrative authorities, conciliation and arbitration proceedings
  • Legal audits and legal Due Diligence
  • Copyright and industrial law
  • Administrative law and economic competition, significant market power
  • Public procurement
  • Consumer protection
  • GDPR
  • Labor law
  • Insolvency law

The current experience of the partners of the office is focused mainly in the area of business and civil law. It especially involves the preparation and revision of all types of contracts with a focus in the area of real estate, such as transfers and leases of properties for both private and corporate customer bases (leases of flats, business premises for the purpose of operation of business activities – including the arrangement of leases of stores and warehouses for a client with more than 2000 branches – lease contracts, future contracts, and any related matters), capital construction (contracts for work, contracts for architects, for project architects, for technical supervisors, participation in and documentation for selection procedure of construction suppliers – e.g. a logistic warehouse – complete arrangement of contractual documentation for a project; with a commission value of over 300 mil. CZK); easements, arrangement of attorney´s escrows.

In the area of business corporation law especially corporate changes, including changes of forming juridical acts, ordinary and extraordinary meetings of company bodies including owner authority, relations between affiliated entities, transfers of participation in companies, liquidation of companies, implementation of concern directives, both in middle-sized companies and in large multinational concern companies.

Transformation and acquisitions – especially a purchase/sale of enterprise or other property entities, transformation and restructuring of companies, and joint venture. For example, an acquisition of a production plant with foreign branches at a value of 1.4 bil. CZK by a multinational concern and other domestic and foreign acquisitions, including an acquisition of an important retail chain or a company from the area of propellant distribution.

Purchase contracts for supply or sale of completed products, both within the Czech Republic and abroad, including the sale of a large production unit out of Europe requiring forwarding contracts, general terms and conditions, contracts for works including real estate construction, loans, security and enforcement of claims, litigation, and disputes before arbitration courts.

Transport and logistics – especially the supply of enterprises, products supplies, and consignment warehouses.

Insolvency law, liquidation – especially registration of claims, communication with insolvency trustees, incidental disputes, liquidation of industrial enterprises, and acting within the insolvency or liquidation process, even for proceedings taking place abroad.

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